Makeup 101: Introduction to Makeup Application


Hello, friends!

I’m going to be starting a series during the month of February entitled Makeup 101: an introduction to makeup application.

In the next four posts, I’ll be giving basic tips of the trade that I’ve learned over the past years either by experimentation or observation. I really hope that this helps every makeup user. No matter if you apply it once a day or once a year, I encourage you to read the upcoming posts. Hopefully, there will be something new for you to learn!

This series will be divided up into 4 posts: Face, Facial Contouring, Eyes, and Lips. If you don’t need help in one area, but you know that you’re struggling with another, check back the next week for more fun!

A lot of these tips will probably seem repetitive, but that’s just because there are a few that make sense in multiple makeup areas.

The main tip that I will repeat over and over again is going to be something along the lines of:

Keep it fresh and natural

If you know me, you know that I’m all about a natural look. I believe the main purpose of makeup is to emphasize our best features and to make our worst features less noticeable. You’re not just painting on your face when you apply makeup. Instead, you’re contouring, creating shadows, and embellishing.

When you’re applying a lot of makeup, be careful that you don’t use a lot of bright colors all over- that’s not natural. For example, if you want a bright lip, take it easy on the eye makeup that day.

Because no one wants to look like:


You’re welcome for that image.

I hope you all are as excited about this series as I am!

With Love ❤

Hebrews 11:1


Adorable Penguin Nail Art!

Hello, friends!

Cutepolish, my favorite nail artist on Youtube, recently released quite possibly the most ADORABLE nail design ever this week.

It’s PENGUIN nail art! Whaaat? Adorable, right? Just because spring is right around the corner doesn’t mean our nails can’t still look like winter!

I’m not going to give you a tutorial on this because I think that would qualify as plagiarizing the nail design. Plus, the girl from Cutepolish can explain it better in a video, anyway. I’m just going to give you the link.

If you’d like to learn how to do this adorable (and easy!) design on your own, click here!

I love you all!

Luke 6:31

How to make Someone’s Day Better- Guest Post!

Hello, friends!

I am so excited to share this blog post with you. It’s written by Madelyn C., a dear friend of mine. Last semester she told me she gave a speech in class entitled, “How to make someone’s day better.” After she gave a bit more detail, I asked if she would PLEASE write this up as a blog post that I could share with you all. She agreed, and here we are. I hope you all like it as much as I did!

“Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve.  You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”-Martin Luther King Jr.

We all won’t be as great or prolific as Martin Luther King Jr. but you don’t have to be to serve someone.  Like MLK Jr. said, anyone can serve.  Everyone should serve.  I tend to think if we all looked outward a bit more, inwardly our life would be a bit sweeter.  It doesn’t have to be any big event, all you need is “a heart full of grace.”

I was able to break down the process I use in serving people in three steps.  Of course I don’t formally think about these each time I set out to serve someone, but I thought these practical steps would help in explaining the relatively simple process of brightening a person’s day.

Step one is pay attention.  You must be aware of others around you if you want to serve them.  If you miss an opportunity to observe others, you have missed an opportunity to make their day better.  Don’t go all stalker and creep people out with your not-so-stealthy observation skills, but shift your attention from your steps in a day to someone else’s walk and see what you can do to help them along.

The second step is sacrifice.  You have got to be willing to make a sacrifice, even if it is small, to help someone.  I know making one more sacrifice in our already hectic lives sounds almost impossible, but don’t freak out yet.  From experience, usually the small sacrifices you make to help someone out can rejuvenate your spirit as opposed to draining you even more.  Psychologists have said time again that doing for others is a great way to relieve your own depression or stress.  Of course, all things in moderation.  Don’t go tryin’ to save the world and expect it to be stress free.  Superman’s job seems like a high stress one.

The final step is to love.  Looking back to the MLK quote, the final phrase, “A soul generated by love.” says it all.  To genuinely serve someone without deceit or hope for personal gain, you’ve just gotta love them.  Practically, we can do this by discovering and understanding what people want/need/love and doing our part to help them find those things.

I can’t imagine I am going to leave any great legacy when I head out of this world, but I do hope to hear the words “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.” Emphasis on the ‘servant.’

If you’d like to take a look at Madelyn’s blog, click here! 

Makeup Tips By Eye Shape – How To Apply Shadow

Hello, friends!

I saw this video recently, and I found it SO helpful! Give it a watch:

Makeup Tips By Eye Shape – How To Apply Shadow.

Honestly, until after I saw it, I didn’t even consider eye shape as a factor in eye shadow application. Is that bad? Oh well.

I think I have almond shaped eyes…either that or round. But probably almond.  What’s your eye shape?

If you want Smashbox’s tips for how to apply eyeshadow to your eyes, here’s the link to their youtube page:

Smashbox’s Youtube Page. 

Thanks, Smashbox!

With Love ❤

Hebrews 11:1

New makeup to play with? Yes, please! (A couple o’ eyeshadow tutorials for you!)

Hello, friends!

I am so excited, and let me tell you why!

finally got an Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette for Christmas!!!

I know, I know, I’m definitely behind in the game. But you know what? I don’t care. I’m just so darned excited to play at all!

First, I’d like to review the set as a whole.

In my opinion, this is all really quality stuff. I’m loving it. From the soft, velvety exterior (With a color so deep that it can’t quite be identified…is it brown? Is it red? Is it purple? Whatever it is, it’s lavish.) to its heavily pigmented shadows, I’m in love. This set came with a great shadow brush as well that fits nicely into my brush set. Urban Decay does it right.

The outside of the Naked Palette

The outside of the Naked Palette

The complete palette

The memory of my Dad goofily reading the names of each color on Christmas morning will forever be burned in my brain.

The colors, ranging from left to right, are:
Virgin, sin, naked, sidecar, buck, half baked, smog, darkhorse, toasted, hustle, creep, and gunmetal.

This set also came with Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion, which I happen to adore. I’ve used other primers before, but I absolutely love this brand.

Urban Decay's Primer Potion

Urban Decay’s Shadow Primer Potion

I recently got to spend a couple of days snowed in with one of my best friends. We decided to be a little bit productive in the middle of the blizzard that practically devoured us, thus resulting in this post!

In addition to fun blog activities, we made snow cream!

In addition to fun blog activities, we made snow cream!

The first tutorial uses mostly matte colors, while the second uses more shimmer. Both are more on the subtle side, but they really make your eyes pop. Let’s get started!

Eye Shadow Tutorial 1:

Step 1: I started by applying my Urban Decay Shadow Potion to my whole lid. Eye shadow primer serves a lot of useful purposes. I highly suggest investing in some if you wear a lot of shadow. Not only does it keep your shadow in place longer, it also helps it to go on smoothly and keeps it from getting into little creases and cracks in your eyes. Essentially, it keeps your shadow looking pretty, professional, and frustration free.

Aside from Urban Decay, I’ve also used Mary Kay’s eye shadow primer. I like it as well. Unfortunately, I’m not sure about the price comparison.

Step 2: Using my Mary Kay definer brush, I began by applying Naked to the main part of my lid. I started just above the lashline and stopped at my crease.




Step 3: Using my Urban Decay brush, I applied Virgin right above my lashline and in the inner corner of my eye.

Note: I’ve recently started applying this light cream color right above my lashline when I’m going for a more natural look. I apply it right where I’d apply a dark eyeliner if I were going for a dramatic look. I find that it makes the eye look dramatic in a simple way, and also creates the illusion that the eye looks bigger.



Step 4: Using my Mary Kay Crease Brush, I applied Buck to the outer crease of my eye and to the outer corner.




Step 5: Using my Mary Kay crease brush once more, I applied Dark horse just in the outer corner of my eye. I didn’t bother drawing an artificial angle with it, I just followed the natural corner of my eye. If I wanted this look to be more dramatic I would draw the corner upwards, pointing toward outer corner of my eyebrow.



Step 6: Using my Mary Kay Definer brush, I applied Sin directly under my brow as a highlighter.



Step 7: To finish off the look, I blended the shadow in. I did this by sweeping my Mary Kay Definer brush upward from my lashline to my brows. I started with my inner corner and move out toward the outer corner. When the color looks less extreme and a bit more blended, you know that you’re done.


I topped this look off with just a touch of dark brown Mary Kay stick eye liner and some black mascara.

Eye Shadow Tutorial 2: This tutorial involves a lot more shimmer. I would use this if I were going on a fun night out but didn’t feel like going overboard with the eyes. I would suggest pairing this with a dramatic red lip. 

Step 1: Using my Mary Kay Definer brush, I applied Toasted to the main part of Grace’s lid from her lashline to her crease.



Step 2: Using my Mary Kay Crease brush, I applied Hustle to her outer corner and her crease.



Step 3: Using my Mary Kay Definer brush, I applied Sin to Grace’s inner corner and under her brow.



Step 4: Using the same technique I did in step 7 of my other tutorial, I blended the colors together just a little bit to make them less extreme.

Here is Grace’s finished look!


Grace topped this look off with some black liquid liner and some black mascara.


Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed these simple, yet pretty Naked tutorials. I hope to post a more dramatic Naked Palette look eventually!



With Love ❤

Hebrews 11:1

2014- A Year of Opportunities

Hello, friends!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank every single person reading this blog. I am so grateful for all of you and your support.

I know that not all of my readers share my religious beliefs, but I do want to say that I pray for you daily, that God would bless you all.

2014 will hold quite a few great experiences  for me. I’ll be traveling to Ireland with my college choir, graduating with a bachelor’s degree, heading off to graduate school, and hopefully so much more!

I have a quite few great blog posts lined up for you in 2014, so keep reading and stay beautiful!

With Love ❤