No Makeup November!

Happy November, everybody!

I am pleased to announce that this is my first “No Makeup” day! As a result, I was actually early to my first class for the first time in a long time. I’m already reaping the benefits!

Last night I had a choir concert and applied tons of makeup, sort of as a last hurrah before November.

Post-Choir concert Kelsey

Post-Choir concert Kelsey

I’ve been researching other organizations that use No Makeup November to make important statements. The one I mentioned last time is Rave Ministries, which stand for a super good cause. They are using this month to fight against the lies that western culture tells us:

We are not good enough.
Our worth lies in our physical appearance. 
We must be skinnier and prettier.

I love the message that Rave Ministries wants to spread. Please check out their page, it’s great.

I found another one today that spreads another very important message. There is a non profit organization called No Makeup November that uses this time to raise awareness about sex trafficking. Please check out their page, you can even make donations to support the cause!

Personally, I am using this month as an opportunity for growth. I’m sick of shallowly finding my identity in how I look or how pretty I feel. Maybe this month will change that. Maybe not. I’m sure I’ll learn something that will make me a better person during this time.

Anywho, this is how I look today.

How cool do I look because I'm sitting in a coffee shop?

How cool do I look because I’m sitting in a coffee shop?

Hopefully, this will motivate you to go makeup-less for a day! If you do, and you want me to share it on my blog, you can e-mail me your picture at

With Love ❤

Hebrews 11:1