What’s your color personality?

Before we get started, I want to say that I got most of my information from http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/ and an episode of the Tyra show I saw a couple years ago. I’ve never actually studied this stuff before, it’s just a fun thing to think about.

Now! Let’s talk about your color personality type.

Identifying your color personality type can be something you do for fun (like me), or something you take really seriously. I’ve seen people do both.

First, identify your favorite color. Don’t think about it very hard, just pick the first color that comes to mind. Does this color excite you? Whenever you play a board game, do you always pick the game piece of this color? Good.

My personal favorite color is mahogany. Unfortunately, that color isn’t usually present in these sorts of things…so I just read the results for red and brown and pick my favorites from both of them. Who cares if it’s accurate? It’s just fun!

I also like to look at these colors and relate them to what I’m wearing at the time, so you can do that too, if you want. It can be surprising!



You may not need me to tell you that red is a color of passion. If this is your favorite color, you are a passionate person. You take action, you’re ambitious, motivated and energized. Red is also a very physical, sexual color, but I’m not going to say anything else about that. The color red is related with the emotion anger.
If you’re wearing red, it may signify that you’re passionate about whatever you plan to do that day. It could also signify that you’re angry, either on a conscious or subconscious level. Red can be a very bright color, which tends to draw attention. But don’t be self-conscious! Make sure that you wear it confidently!



The color orange is SO bright and happy! I love it!
Maybe that’s because it’s the color of optimism! According to our friends at this color psychology website, apparently orange relates to our gut instincts. It’s a very extroverted color, relating to social communication. Orange also stimulates the appetite, so be careful!
If you’re wearing orange, first of all, I’d like to say ROCK IT OUT. If you have the guts to pull it off, then please do. I’m sure you look fabulous. There are some of us (Me) who have to be very careful when we wear it, because it doesn’t go well with our complexion. I’m proud of you for being bold! You’re probably very feeling optimistic and extroverted.



Yellow, like orange, is a very optimistic color. This color psychology website says that it is the color of intellect.  I’ve always seen it as a cheerful and joyful color. After all, it is the color of smiley faces, the sun, and happy little rubber ducks! Unfortunately, it can also suggest impatience and criticism.
If you’re wearing yellow, you might be feeling very creative and original today. It attracts a lot of attention and is easy to see, so you might be feeling very outgoing and confident. Be loud and proud while you wear that poppin’ color. You look great!


Green is the color of growth. Think of commonly green things: Grass, clovers, trees, green apples, pears…these are all very natural things. If your favorite color is green, you’re probably a very balanced person with a good sense of judgement. Green is a very harmonic color, peaceful and emotionally positive. It relates to the love of family, friends and the home. Since green is a combination of blue and yellow, it also holds the properties of these two colors.
If you’re wearing green, are you feeling balanced and peaceful? Do you feel a sense of love for your family and friends?
If you’re not feeling these things, then I’m very sorry. I don’t know what to tell you. I’m not a color psychologist.


Blue was my favorite color for a long time. It’s just such a calming color, you know? Blue is known as the color of peace, trust, and tranquility. If you love the color blue, you’re probably a peaceful, calming person.
Unfortunately, blue can also suggest frigidity and conservatism.
Blue can be a very safe color to wear. It goes well with most complexions, eye colors, and hair colors, so a lot of people wear it. If you’re wearing it, you might be feeling a little down, wearing something comfortable. Cheer up, friend! Life will get easier, I promise.
Also, you might just be wearing blue because it was the first thing you saw, or it’s your favorite shirt. In which case, right on.
You could also be feeling and/or searching for peace or tranquility in your life.


I’ve never before thought about what the color Indigo could mean, so this was very interesting for me. It is the color of intuition! Indigo symbolizes idealism and structure. It is very strongly related to New Age stuff. Since it’s a combination of blue and violet, it also holds the properties of both of these colors. A person who’s favorite color is indigo love structure and often cannot live without order.
I found this especially interesting, and I’m quoting the website directly here: “Indigo stimulates right brain or creative activity and helps with spatial skills.” How cool is that? Unfortunately, Indigo also relates to addiction, and people who love this color could be narrow-minded and intolerant.
If you’re wearing indigo, you might have a subconscious or conscious desire for structure and order in your life, or a craving for creativity.



The color purple has always been well associated with royalty and drama. It’s an imaginative color that also relates very well to spirituality. Purple promotes harmony of the mind and emotions, encouraging creative endeavors and promoting originality. Artists and daydreamers are inspired by this color. It’s also a very luxurious, noble color. If purple is your favorite, you’re probably very powerful and an individual who’s not afraid to walk to the beat of your own drum.
If you’re wearing purple, you’re probably feeling like royalty, aren’t you? You’re lookin’ like a queen in your unique color! Just be yourself and rock that purple.

Pink. The classic girly color. I love it!
It represents compassion, nurturing and love: Three things that are all stereotypically very feminine. Pink is also very romantic, affectionate, and gentle. It’s a sign of hope with its warm positivity and comforting feel. This is a color of respect and admiration, diluting feelings of anger, seeking admiration. Unfortunately, pink can also symbolize lack of will power and an overly emotional nature.
Wearing pink might symbolize a need for respect, appreciation, and admiration. It also represents sweetness and a desire for innocence.


White is the most pure, most innocent color. It’s cleanliness, perfection, wholeness. This is the color of new beginnings, of clean slates. It’s neat and pristine, which I think is just great! It also goes with everything, in case you were wondering.
Too much white can represent coldness and emptiness.
If you’re wearing white, it might be a hot day and you don’t want to show your sweat. You might also be just wearing it because it’s something simple and easy to wear. OR MAYBE you have a subconscious or conscious desire for purity and cleanliness.


Black is a mysterious and hidden color. It radiates authority, but not friendliness. To quote this color psychology website, black is “is protection from external emotional stress.” It’s intimidating, unemotional, and unapproachable. People who love black are typically conservative and serious. It could also be a sexual, seductive color.
If you’re wearing black, it could mean a lot of things. Maybe you want to feel authoritative! If that’s your goal, then good. But make sure you are aware that you could also be scaring people away. Maybe you want to block people off from your emotions. You could also be attempting to look seductive or sexy. Which is it?
Just a tip, brown and black are not a good color combination. But you probably knew that…


Gray is a compromising color. It’s a compromise between black and white, stable and secure. Gray is a calm, composed color. It’s very predictable and dependable, sometimes even boring. This color is detached and indecisive, not a color of leadership. Gray tones down brighter colors, and illuminates softer colors. Without other colors, gray can be depressing.
If you’re wearing gray, you’re probably feeling very dependable. You may be looking for stability and security, something predictable. You’re wearing a very classic  and elegant color, so rock it!

Brown is an earthy color. It’s very serious, with a sense of duty and responsibility. Brown is a comfortable color, symbolizing comfort and security in all aspects of life: In the home, food, and companionship. Brown is friendly, honest, and genuine. Unfortunately, brown is related frugal, materialistic, and predictable.
If you’re wearing brown, hopefully you’re pairing it with an exciting color, to add an earthy and natural feel. That’s always cute! BUT don’t pair brown with black, because that’s just never a good idea.


In light of recent events…

I know that a lot of my posts are about beauty techniques and make-up and stuff…however, this one will be a bit different.

In light of the recent Boston Event, I found this to be a very moving passage from a book I’ve been reading off and on called A Million Miles in a Thousand Years  by Donald Miller.    Not only does it speak with wisdom that some of us (me!) could only dream of, but it does so in such an unique manner. Take a look:

“I don’t know why there are dark forces in the world, but there are. And I don’t know why God allows dark forces to enter into our stories, but he does.

My friend Kathy, had a hard relationship with God for a long time. She had a marriage go bad, and it went badly for a long time while it was going bad. Some hard things happened to her daughter because of this. Some of them happened at the same time the Rwandan genocide was happening, which made the whole world seem crazy. She wondered why it mattered if Jesus hung on a cross and died. Since the whole world went crazy anyway.

She hung out in  the fringes of God for a while, and about a year ago she was ready to let go of God completely. Then she had a chance to go to Rwanda, with a small group of people. It felt personal, as if there was more to the story that had started so many years earlier, so she went. She spent some time in the countryside, and then went to the capital city, Kigali. They took a tourist bus to the genocide museum in Kigali.

Kathy got off the bus and made her way through the exhibits, reading about the events that led up to the genocide, the colonial rule, the confusion of identity created by British occupation, and the tribal tensions that mounted between the Hutus and the Tutsis. Churches got caught up in the genocide, too. Kathy read the part about religion and was emboldened. ‘See,’ she prayed, ‘you created us only to let us march around in our own misery. You’re supposed to be good. What are you good for?’

A twenty-minute ride away from the memorial is one of the genocide sites-a church where Tutsis had hidden from Hutus during the massacre. The Tutsis believed they would be spared if they took refuge in the church, but they weren’t. The men came in with their machetes and slaughtered those hiding in the church. They cut the hands of the mothers who covered their children’s faces, and they cut into the children’s faces. The museum had piled the skulls against the wall and laid out the bones as a memorial.

Kathy took the tour bus to Ntarama. She walked into the church and looked at the bones lying cold on the iron rails. She looked at the ragged and bloody clothes hanging from the walls. She was ready to feel the same old anger at God, only a thousandfold more. She was ready to pray her last prayer announcing that she could no longer believe in God in a world with such pain, with so much devastation.

But Kathy told me it was then and there, in that church, that she heard from God. Instead of the old anger, she felt overwhelming tenderness and sorrow.

This is what happens when people walk away from me, Kathy. I have brought you to this place to show you something important. This is what happens when my compassion and love leave a place. 

It is when people do not allow God to show up through them, she realized, that the world collapses in on itself.”

Wow. Wow. Wow. That gave me chills the first time I read it.

“Where is God?” people ask me. “Why would he let such devastation happen to people? If He is so mighty, how could He let this happen?”

God gives all people on this earth a choice to either follow Him or to follow their own paths. He lets us make our own decisions because in the end it means so much more if we choose HIM. Sometimes we choose to follow something or someone else…that’s when “the world collapses in on itself.”

A heatless curls tutorial? Oh my!

Hello, friends!

I’m going to talk to you about one of my favorite curling techniques that has proved successful time and time again.

If you’ve read a few of my hair blogs, you know I try not to use heat on my hair unless I absolutely have to. I’m always looking for new ways to style my hair without using heat.

That’s where this technique comes in! I learned about it my freshman year of college, and then forgot about it…and then learned about it again my sophomore year, and tried it! I had to do it about 5 times before I liked the results that I got, so if you try it and your hair turns out wacky a few times, just keep changing it up a little bit until it works for you!

Let’s get started!

Step 1:


Start with MOSTLY dry hair. When I do this in the morning and don’t have much time to get ready, I actually do give in and blow dry my hair. Usually I do this at night though, and I sleep in it, so my hair doesn’t have to be as dry. Still, don’t do it while your hair is very wet, because it won’t be completely dry when you wake up in the morning, and it will look CRAZY.

Step 2:


Put a headband around your head, like so. I like to get cloth ones that are about a half-inch thick. I find those are a good width and they’re comfy to sleep in.

Step 3:


Take a piece of hair at the front of your head (like your side bangs, if you have them) and wrap it around the headband toward the back of your head. I find that about 1 1/2 inch to 2 inches is a good-sized piece of hair. (Just look at the picture if what I said doesn’t make sense.) Make sure that the curl is loose, not pulled too tight over the headband, or it will end up looking like a weird wave when you’re done.

You should have a little tail of hair hanging down from your first curl.

Step 4:


Take the little tail hanging down and another 2-inch section of hair and wrap them both around the headband together! Just keep wrapping the tails with an additional section. It should look like this:



Notice that I didn’t pull the curls very tight.

Step 5: 

Once I most of the way around one side of my head, I like to start on the other side and do the exact same thing. Then, I hold both pieces at the back of my head and do the last few loops at the same time.

Photo on 2013-04-06 at 10.33 #3

It is a bit tricky do to this part at first, but with practice, you’ll eventually be able to do it without a problem.

Step 6: 

Pin the final pieces to the back of your head with bobby pins so that they stay in place. I know some people who don’t do this and their curls turn out fine, but I just feel better when the hair is secure.

Photo on 2013-04-06 at 10.33 #4

I know it looks a bit messy, but trust me, you’ll love the results.

Step 7: 

Just let your hair sit for a while.

If I’m in a hurry, I sit under my Purple People Eater hair dryer.

Well, that's embarrassing.

Well, that’s embarrassing.

Or like I said before, I just sleep on it.


Or you can read a book, or do chores, or give yourself a facial, or do homework, or watch tv, or make dinner, or hang out with people. If you choose the last option, make sure they’re good friends who won’t make fun of you for having hair that looks like a little swedish girl’s in a cheesy movie.

Step 8: 

Unveil your luscious curls!

They might look a bit crazy at first, depending on how easy your hair curls naturally. Just run your fingers through them. Sometimes I have to wet a few pieces to control them, but they should look like this:


And I took a picture with flash, so you can see the definition of the curls:


I’m sorry that’s so white, but my hair’s kind of dark. It’s hard to see what it really looks like.


My curls always calm down a lot after a few hours, so they aren’t so Shirley Temple-esque. On really hot days, they end up looking like sexy beachy curls after about 8 hours.

So there it is! I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask.

There are also lots of video tutorials on YouTube that probably demonstrate this technique better than I do, so be sure to check those out, too!

With Love ❤

Hebrews 11:1

How often should I wash my hair? (Hair update)

I know, I know. I’ve posted a lot about this hair washing issue, but I have some very important news!

At the beginning of February, I started washing my hair using my normal shampoo and conditioner once a week. I’d only wash it on Saturday nights or sunday mornings, depending which one made more sense at the time.

Well, it turns out that when I only rinse my hair 6 days a week, that takes some of the dye out of my hair. Let me tell you…that was unexpected.

So I’m back to washing it twice a week, on wednesday mornings and sunday mornings with my wonderful Biolage color care shampoo. It’s the best stuff I’ve ever used.

My shampoo and conditioner. I. Love. Them.

My shampoo and conditioner. I. Love. Them.

Anyway. I thought I’d give a few things I learned about washing my hair only once a week: Here goes!

1. You have to REALLY rinse it, especially from days 4-6.
Man, I was scrubbing with my finger nails, I was splitting my hair in various ways, doing anything just to get that oil away from my scalp. It took some time to get a good hair rinsing routine down, but when I did, it really worked.

2. Your face will break out a lot.
It took me SO LONG to figure out why I was getting a bazillion zits. I have normal skin, so in between oily and dry. I usually only get zits once or twice a month on my T-zone. However, since I started washing my hair once a month, I was getting zits everywhere, all the time, and they lasted FOREVER. I tried so many facial treatments and nothing worked. I realized it was probably my hair routine about 2 weeks ago. Man, do I feel stupid.

3. Your hair won’t look different, but it will feel different.
My hair really looked just about as lifeless as ever…not very shiny, not very voluminous…but boy, did it feel AWESOME! It was pretty soft most days, and it felt very strong and healthy. I felt like my hair could lift weights, it was so strong.

4. You’ll have good days and bad days.
I have to be honest, once my hair got used to only being washed once a week, it really didn’t look dirty at all, unless I didn’t rinse it well in the shower. However, I did still have some bad days. For example:

Good day:

I know you can't see much of my scalp, but look how clean it is!

I know you can’t see much of my scalp, but look how clean it is!

Wow. Still can't see my scalp. But you can see how gross the rest of my hair is as it blows disgustingly in the wind.

Wow. Still can’t see my scalp. But you can see how gross the rest of my hair is as it blows disgustingly in the wind.

Those were both taken with some friends on the choir tour I just finished. It was tons of fun, maybe I’ll post about it.


So yes, good days and bad days.

5. Washing once a week definitely saves money
During the time that I was washing my hair once a week, I used such a little amount of shampoo. It definitely makes buying salon brand products worth it.

6. Your hair won’t smell bad
A lot of people worry about this, but it’s really not a problem. My hair just smelled  like…hair. I still used soap on the rest of my body to get rid of all that nastiness.

All in all, what I learned is that washing your hair once a week isn’t worth it. Since I started washing it twice a week again, I’ve found that I don’t have to work so hard to rinse it,  my zit condition has gotten much better, my hair looks a lot shinier (YEAH!), I only have good hair days, and I still save a lot of money on hair product. So maybe only wash your hair every 3 days or so…

With love ❤

Hebrews 11:1